Sunday, February 21, 2010

For Mom


It's 2 in the morning and I'm not going to flake out again. Here's a new post. Thank you for your infinite patience.

Spring is almost here in DC and I am getting excited for the cherry blossoms. We finished our papers that were due on Friday and it feels SO good to have them out the way.

Work is going very well. I love it. I'm set on going to law school. It is an exciting prospect for me.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm hoping for lots of 'me' time--time to think, evaluate, gather my bearings, and plan. The past two weekends have been spent out of town which has been quite enough traveling for me.

New York was ok. I keep telling people that the city was impressive but I remain unimpressed. Lots of hype for such a crowded, noisy, claustrophobic place. At the same time I would encourage everyone to go at least once in a lifetime. There is so much history in that city, and it certainly is a cultural experience.

We went to the freemason's George Washington memorial temple today in Alexandria. It was really cool. Freemasonry has a lot of interesting ideas and practices that reminded me of our temples and the endowment ceremony. So cool.

Anyway. No pictures for this post, sorry. I'll try to get them up tomorrow. DC is totally awesome.

Love you all

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