Monday, February 8, 2010

An update...finally

OK. What a week, and what a shame that I haven't been posting. It's been crazy, that's for sure. since the last time I wrote,
-I've been to jail. To visit a client. Thank you lockers for robbing me of $1.50 and not feeling the least bit guilty. I will keep fighting the bureaucracy in the meantime.
-We went to Valley Forge, stayed at the Freedom Foundations Lodge, and met Thomas Jefferson.
-We got stuck in the biggest storm since 1909, or as the locals are calling it, "Snowmaggedon". Brittney and I are almost the only people in DC working, besides our boss. No snow days for us.
-I lost my camera.
-We ventured to the fourth floor to clean out the ancient files from 1980.
-I have been so busy I've had no time to write in my blog.
-I have been loving work. Today I ate two really big chocolate cupcakes and now I feel ill.

Life is great. I hope you're all doing well. Better posts are on their way. Tonight's post is suffering from the aftertaste of the ENG399 intern log assignment I just completed.

Let me end with this little gem of wisdom: "Beneath the clothes, you find a man. And beneath a man, you find...His...NUCLEUS."

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  1. Stu! I love you man! It sounds like you are having the time of your life, and I'm really glad to hear that. Keep living it up!