Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello heaping portions of gratitude

Interesting fact: when I was in the MTC anxiously awaiting a departure to Mexico, I was able to visit the Provo temple with my companions. The picture here in front of the Washington Monument is almost an exact duplicate of a picture taken three and a half years ago in front of the temple. Crazy huh.

Anyway. Matthew's mom came into DC yesterday and we all went to the top of the Monument. It was breathtaking. A fitting tribute to such an incredible man.

After that Sue treated us to Hard Times chili and in typical Sonic the Hedgehog fashion, I enjoyed a whopping pound or so of chili dog. Thank you Sue!
As for this little gem...what can I say? I told Gabel before taking this picture that it might be a little corny. Whatever. I love it.

Today I finished my round of the "Americans at War" exhibit in the Museum of National History. Such an Inspiration. Thank God for the countless Americans who gave "the last full measure" to purchase our freedom and well-being as a nation. We owe them more than we can imagine. I hope I can one day live up to that.

On that note, I'm realizing that DC has an effect on me that very few other places can elicit. I absolutely love it here. I love the history behind this place. I love learning more and more about what this country is built on.

I think the longer I'm here, the stronger my heart beats.


  1. Stuart, I like your travel. You look great. You are the best guy ever. I am excited for the Elms with guys and have fun and play sports and do anything we want to do. -Evan

  2. Love all your posts -- they are making me homesick. Can't wait to visit in the Spring. Love you.