Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello monday, you bitter monday you

First of all: I love MLK Day. I love celebrating a man who devoted his life to a noble and inspiring cause. I love reading about the civil rights movement and learning about people who were brave enough to stand up to the ignorance and hatred that prevailed for so long in our own country. Thank goodness for people like MLK.

Second: I had to work for most of the day today. I am once again feeling overwhelmed and in over my head. I'm a little discouraged. I am doing my best to keep up with everything and learn. Slow and steady.

Third: I was going to go run this morning to the Lincoln Memorial. That place has become somewhat of a sanctuary, even a temple, to me. I can't describe just how it makes me feel, but I can tell you that the people and things that it stands for are exemplary, inspiring, and full of meaning. I love this country. Before coming here, I had begun to forget that I think.

Well, time for bed. I love you all and hope things are going fantastic.
ps. Quinn, call me back. Colts won on saturday.

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